Mel Wheeler


Extreme Hula Hoop Trickery - Stage and Roving Entertainer

L.E.D Light and Fire Performances - Corporate Functions - TV - Festivals - Music Videos - Community Events - Workshops - Fitness Instructor - Children's Performer - Weddings - Parties - Performance Art and More!


About ...




Mel Wheeler is a Hula Hoop Powerhouse!

She has gained worldwide reputation for delivering high energy performances, with some of the craziest tricks the world has ever seen!

All performed with her trademark winning smile its impossible not to love her!

Mel lives and dreams Hula Hoops and never leaves her house without a Hula Hoop... or 10 ....and she Hula Hoops absolutely every where she goes!

Her Hula Hooping videos have gone viral online in The Daily Mail and received millions of views being featured on American TV shows including 'People Are Awesome,' 'Right This Minute,' and even global internet Youtube sensation,  Fail Army.

Her Hula Hoop Act includes lightning fast moves, single and multiple 6 hoop tricks, performed with LED hula hoops, Gigantic Hula Hoops and a Grande finale of a 30 hoop Slinky !

A multi-talented performer she comes alive when she performs with her Hula Hoops on Fire in a freakishly impressive dance of danger and trickery.

A self-taught Hooper, Her Hula hoop journey began in 2014 when she bought a Hula hoop online and googled “how to spin a hula hoop on your waist” and learnt via YouTube in her lounge room at home.

Since then her love of Hula Hoops has taken her around the world performing and learning from some of the greatest Hula Hooper’s in the industry, in countries including Bali, Malaysia and Hawaii.

An Arts teacher by trade, she is passionate about changing lives with ‘play’ through creative pursuits of Visual Arts and Hula Hoops classes.

Melissa is also a hard working mother of four teenagers, balancing her arts and performing life. You can follow her crazy life on Instagram and Facebook, sharing her joy of hooping through  videos, tutorials and adventures. Just follow the social links below.






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Hula Hoop Classes


Hoop Dance Classes 

Nin Yoga St Marys

Last Sunday of the month

 PCYC Cabramatta Fairfield

Wednesday 6.30 - 7.30 pm

Hula Hoop Dance blends traditional Circus Style Hula Hoop tricks with freestyle dance flow…and it’s a full body cardio workout for your abs and core, tightens your pelvic floor, and tones your arms and legs and is so much fun that you won’t even realize that you are exercising!

No experience is required in this class which for suitable for absolute beginners and beyond. Each class covers the basics of Hula hooping including how to spin a Hula hoop, taught in a fun and playful manner, with a few games and challenges thrown in just for fun. Every class includes a mix of some "instant gratification" ie fail proof illusion tricks that have you guaranteed to spin away with new skills learnt whatever your level, we have you covered.

Hula Hoop tricks range from simply spinning the Hula Hoop- to off body moves including hand spins, kicks, flips and hoop tosses and even to simply holding your Hula Hoop, going with the flow and simply just having a dance!
It's this fusion of body movement, tricks, dance and PLAY that makes Hula Hooping so versatile and perfect for everyone of all ages and abilities!


    Instagram:  #MELWHEELER

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